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Anastasia Musick

Includes CCA Membership, 2021 STAR entry
Limited Edition, Signed & Numbered Print
25″ x 19″ on acid free paper

“Redfish on the Half Shell”


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NOTE: We have shipped all 2020 STAR Platinum prints. If for some reason you have not received yours please contact Peggy 713-626-4222.

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The orginal painting is available for purchase, proceeds will go towards scholarship funding, please call the number below.
Interested in a past year’s print, call 713.626.4222 to order.

STAR Platinum Print

The above original painting El Mariachi was finished by Anastasia at the 2018 STAR Awards ceremony and donated to STAR for future scholarship funding. If you are interested, please contact us about this Anastasia Musick original painting. 713.626.4222

Anastasia Musick
artwork using a diverse set of non-digital media: oils, acrylics, watercolor, graphite, charcoal, Anastasia Musick was trained in each, not by way of an art school, but by hands-on technical training. Originally from Kazakhstan, she only started to experience saltwater fishing a little over 4 years ago.
She has painted a variety of subjects and ever since catching her first redfish she has been “hooked” and focused on marine life. During the last 26 months, Anastasia has painted over 240 paintings with over half being commissioned pieces. She began working with CCA shortly after her entrance into the marine industry and in 2018 made the commitment to become a Heritage member. Anastasia actively works and supplies her artwork to CCA Texas, CCA Alabama, CCA Louisiana and CCA Mississippi and after great success as the 2019 STAR Platinum artist was asked to do another special painting for the 2020 Texas STAR Platinum. She plans to continue her work with CCA Texas, CCA Texas STAR and welcomes other states who may be interested in working with her.
Anastasia’s work can be found by visiting her on Facebook & Instagram as well as, by going to her website: She does not exhibit at shows and very rarely leaves her studio as she has carved her own unique path to success which consists of painting non-stop, year round; however, she can be found painting live at various tradeshows, events, and online through Facebook Live. She believes in transparency above all else in artwork, especially in a digital age, and records time-lapses of each from start to finish for posting on both social media and her website.