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The Final WINNER BOARD is now posted!
Congratulations to all of the 2018 winners in the STAR Tournament!
WINNERS as of 9/13/18

Charlie Buchen – Guide’s Division

Cannon Martin – SK Flounder Division
Taner Basci – SK Sheepshead Division

Makenzie Hebert-SK Gafftop Division

Noah Fong – ST -UC Trout Division
Cayla Albers – ST MC Trout Division
Audrie Lozano- ST LC Trout Division

Chase Blackwell – ST Flounder Division
Emily Gray – ST Sheepshead Division
Madison Newman – ST Gafftop Division

Robert Lewis – UC Trout Division
Chris Grapentine – MC Trout Division

Frank Cavazos – LC Trout Division

Austin Fuller – Offshore Kingfish Division
Marc Smith – Offshore Dorado Division

Grant Gale – Offshore Ling Division

Carlos Gonzalez – Flounder Division
Eduardo Torres – Sheepshead Division
Janette Darder – Gafftop Division

Larry Holman – 1st Tagged Redfish
Sam Lack – 2nd Tagged Redfish

Mike Varnado – 3rd Tagged Redfish
Daniel Mullenix – 4th Tagged Redfish
Lisa Murillo – 5th Tagged Redfish
Mitchell Parham – 6th Tagged Redfish
Aaron Graham – 7th Tagged Redfish


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